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  • Ohtani betting scandal explained

    MLB Facing Biggest Gambling Scandal in Sports History – Shohei Ohtani Game Fixing

    Shohei Ohtani has earned his reputation as the most versatile player in modern MLB history. He has dominated both as a pitcher and as a hitter. The dual threat capability of this player made him the m...
  • baseball ERA and no hitters in pitch clock era

    Baseball Talk – ERA’s Up? – Where are the No Hitters?

    I was looking at some of the game previews earlier today and I noticed most of the pitchers listed in the games had pretty high ERAs. Names like Chris Sale (5.01 ERA), Max Scherzer (4.01 ERA), Patrick...
  • Sean Murphy

    MLB Futures That Currently Have Value

    We’re not even two months into the 2023 MLB season, but the futures market continues to take shape. There have been a few surprises – the entire NL Central, for example – but the biggest...
  • MLB futures value

    Early Value on MLB Futures

    And just like that, we’re off! The 2023 MLB season got off to a grand start with Opening Day on Thursday, March 30. It won’t be long before the NBA and NHL sign off for the summer and baseball con...
  • MLB baseball futures pick

    Who to Bet for the NL Rookie of the Year Right Now

    Futures bets aren’t for everyone, but if you want a solid one right now, it’s in the market for MLB’s National League Rookie of the Year. Arizona Diamondback outfielder Corbin Carroll is the guy...
  • Zac Gallen is a great pick for Cy Young - odds

    Early 2023 MLB Futures and Picks

    The start of spring training means that soon, MLB fans will be preparing for Opening Day. It’s time to look at the early MLB futures to bet on in 2023 as baseball is just around the corner.  Ph...
  • 2023 world series odds

    2023 World Series Odds – Dodgers Not Astros are Favored

    The 2022 MLB World Series corpse isn’t even cold yet and here we are talking about the 2023 series. Such is life in the sports betting business. It’s never too soon to take a look at how o...

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