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Aaron Rodgers Next Team Odds

November 12, 2022
Rodgers odds

According to legendary recording artist Lil’ Wayne #12 Aaron Rodgers should have been traded before this season. He tweeted “RIP to the season we should’ve gotten rid of 12 before the season.”. Wayne may just have a point.

This is the worst Rodgers has looked as the Green Bay signal caller. Green Bay, for their part, have not tried hard to surround Rodgers with much talent. They let his #1 weapon DeVonta Adams get away and have surrounded him with young and questionable talent.

Its hard to place all the blame on the QB. The defense is middle-of-the-pack as far as PPG allowed, no pun intended. They are also middling when it comes to rushing yards per game as well. Something has got to give in Green Bay, Wisconsin and many think it will be at the QB position.

There are odds available as to where Aaron Rodgers will end up if traded. The Colts are heavy favorites and for obvious reason. These odds are available at

Colts                 3-1

Commanders    4-1

Lions                5-1

Saints               5-1

Jets                  6-1

Panthers           7-1

Buccaneers       10-1

Raiders             10-1

Giants              12-1

Falcons             16-1