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Betting Bowl Games Will Never be the Same Because of Transfer Portal

December 27, 2022
college football opt out list

Actually, the title to this article should be longer but we left out part of it for the sake of brevity. The title should be “Betting Bowl Games Will Never be the Same Because of Transfer Portal, College Football Playoffs and Declaring for the NFL Draft”. These three factors see the top college football athletes routinely not participate in their team’s bowl games, affecting the point spreads and outcomes of the games.

It’s hard enough betting on a game knowing exactly what players are starting and having already seen those players play before. I mean there are variables to contend with in any wager. The players can have an “off game” and throw three pick or fumble the ball. Or they could could be facing issues in their personal life which make them not able to concentrate on the game.

Players and coaches can also conceal nagging injuries so that the opponent doesn’t have the advantage when game-planning against them. Even your best handicapper may not be aware of some of these factors which ultimately affect the outcome of a game. Now throw in the mix that the star QB just entered the transfer protocol and you have to try to handicap the game which features a backup QB that has very few snaps, it is almost an impossible task.

Since the inception of the college football playoffs, players from top ten teams that were not selected for a playoff spot have routinely bowed out of playing their bowl game in order to prepare for the NFL draft. The real reason is they don’t want to take the chance of being injured in this game and missing out on the many millions of dollars which potentially await them in the pros. And who can blame them really?

Bowl Games are just not what they used to be. My friends and I refer to all the games that are not the the playoffs as the “just for fun bowl”. These games have no real significance and you can tell that by scanning the crowd at these games. A lot of empty seats.


Almost Half of Players Who Enter Portal Don’t Find New Home

Well-established players with good stats and wins to back them up have no problem finding new homes. Michigan QB Cade McNamara, for example, had many suitors but ultimately chose Iowa. But almost half of all transfers don’t find a new home (source SI).

Since the modern transfer portal was set up a few years ago, the numbers show an exponential increase in transfer portal entries. The final numbers for 2022-23 are not available yet but you can see the upward trend below and can expect the same result for the 2022-2023

Undergrad Transfers587950
Postgrad Transfers309477


Players Who Have Opted Out of 2022-2023 Bowl Games List

If you decide to brave the waters and place your hard earned money on games where players may be missing then good luck. We have created this table just for you.

Josh WhyleTE CincinnatiNFL Draft
Jake RenfroOL CincinnatiTransfer Portal
JQ HardawayCB CincinnatiTransfer Portal
Luther RichessonQBCincinnatiTransfer Portal
Trevion CooleyRB LouisvilleTransfer Portal
Jalen MitchellRB LouisvilleTransfer Portal
Derrick EdwardsCB LouisvilleTransfer Portal
Campbell BarringtonOL BYUTransfer Portal
De'Zhuan StriblinWR Washington StateTransfer Portal
Chance NolanQB Oregon StateTransfer Portal
Ron HardgeCB Oregon StateTransfer Portal
Luke MusgraveTE Oregon StateNFL Draft
Anthony RichardsonQB FloridaNFL Draft
O'Cyrus TorrenceOL FloridaNFL Draft
Gervon DexterDT FloridaNFL Draft
Josh BraunOL FloridaTransfer Portal
Diwun BlackLB FloridaTransfer Portal
Kamar WilcoxsonDB FloridaTransfer Portal
Lorenzo LingardRB FloridaTransfer Portal
Trent WhittemoreWR FloridaTransfer Portal
Nick ElksnisTE FloridaTransfer Portal
Hank BachmeierQB Boise StateTransfer Portal
Tyneil HopperTE Boise StateTransfer Portal
Nathan CarterRB UConnTransfer Portal
Lavel DumontG ToledoTransfer Portal
Kyron DronesQB BaylorTransfer Portal
Josh FleeksRB BaylorTransfer Portal
Devin Neal Jr.S BaylorTransfer Portal
Holman EdwardsQB HoustonTransfer Portal
Dominic LovettWR MissouriTransfer Portal
Zach LovettLB MissouriTransfer Portal
DJ JacksonDB MissouriTransfer Portal
Travion FordDL MissouriTransfer Portal
LJ HewittDB MissouriTransfer Portal
Diego PaviaQB New Mexico StateTransfer Portal
Trevor BorlandTE BuffaloTransfer Portal
Maurice WhiteDL MemphisTransfer Portal
Spencer SandersQB Oklahoma StateTransfer Portal
Mason CobbLB Oklahoma StateTransfer Portal
Dominic RichardsonWR Oklahoma StateTransfer Portal
Trace FordDE Oklahoma StateTransfer Portal
Brendon EversDT Oklahoma StateNFL Draft
Graham MertzQB WisconsinTransfer Portal
Logan BrownOL WisconsinTransfer Portal
Markus AllenWR WisconsinTransfer Portal
Deacon HillQB WisconsinTransfer Portal
Michael FurtneyOL WisconsinTransfer Portal
Terrence LewisLB C. FloridaTransfer Portal
Mikey KeeneQB C. FloridaTransfer Portal
Jeremiah Jean-BaptisteLB C. FloridaTransfer Portal
Ryan O'KeefeWR C. FloridaTransfer Portal
Myles SlusherDB ArkansasTransfer Portal
Malik HornsbyQB ArkansasTransfer Portal
Chase LoweryDB ArkansasTransfer Portal
Drew SandersLB ArkansasNFL Draft
Bumper PoolLB ArkansasNFL Draft
Jason HaselwoodWR ArkansasNFL Draft
Steven McBrideWR KansasTransfer Portal
Jarrett PaulDB KansasTransfer Portal
Christian GonzalezCB OregonNFL Draft
Dont'e ThorntonWR OregonTransfer Portal
Justin FloweLB OregonTransfer Portal
Jay ButterfieldQB OregonTransfer Portal
Seven McGeeWR OregonTransfer Portal
Jackson LaDukeLB OregonTransfer Portal
Byron CardwellRB OregonTransfer Portal
Adrian JacksonLB OregonTransfer Portal
Bradyn SwinsonDE OregonTransfer Portal
Storm DuckCB North CarolinaTransfer Portal
Devon LawrenceRB North CarolinaTransfer Portal
Jacoby CriswellQB North CarolinaTransfer Portal
Raneiria DillworthLB North CarolinaTransfer Portal
Tony GrimesCB North CarolinaTransfer Portal
Cam'Ron KellyS North CarolinaTransfer Portal
Tavares ElstonDB Texas TechTransfer Portal
Demon ClowneyDE MississippiTransfer Portal
Luke AltmyerQB MississippiTransfer Portal
Dannis JacksonWR MississippiTransfer Portal
Courtney JacksonWR SyracuseTransfer Portal
Michael DixonS MinnesotaTransfer Portal
Steven OrtizDB MinnesotaTransfer Portal
Eric GrayRB OklahomaNFL Draft
Jalen RedmondDL OklahomaNFL Draft
Theo WeaseWR OklahomaTransfer Portal
Joseph WeteLB OklahomaTransfer Portal
Wanya MorrisOT OklahomaNFL Draft
Anton HarrisonOT OklahomaNFL Draft
Sam McCallDB Florida StateTransfer Portal
Hudson CardQB TexasTransfer Portal
Andrej KaricOL TexasTransfer Portal
JD CoffeyDB TexasTransfer Portal
Troy OmeireWR TexasTransfer Portal
Prince DorbahLB TexasTransfer Portal
DJ HarrisEDGE TexasTransfer Portal
Jaylen GarthOL TexasTransfer Portal
Emeka MegwaRB WashingtonTransfer Portal
Deonte BanksDB MarylandNFL Draft
Dontay Demus Jr.WR MarylandNFL Draft
Jacob CopelandWR MarylandNFL Draft
Devin LearyQB NC StateTransfer Portal
Kedon SlovisQB PittsburghTransfer Portal
Calijah KanceyDT PittsburghNFL Draft
Michael MayerTE Notre DameNFL Draft
Drew PyneQB Notre DameTransfer Portal
Jayden BellamyDB Notre DameTransfer Portal
Jacob LaceyDL Notre DameTransfer Portal
Jaheim BellTE South CarolinaTransfer Portal
RJ RoderickDB South CarolinaTransfer Portal
Cam SmithDB South CarolinaNFL Draft
Titus SwenRB WyomingTransfer Portal
Lyn-J DixonRB TennesseeTransfer Portal
Nick EversQB TennesseeTransfer Portal
Jimmy CallowayWR TennesseeTransfer Portal
DJ UiagaleleiQB ClemsonTransfer Portal
Decari CollinsWR ClemsonTransfer Portal
Sergio AllenLB ClemsonTransfer Portal
Fred Davis IIDB ClemsonTransfer Portal
EJ WilliamsWR ClemsonTransfer Portal
Kobe PaceRB ClemsonTransfer Portal
Vonta BentleyLB ClemsonTransfer Portal
Keagan JohnsonWR IowaTransfer Portal
Alex PadillaQB IowaTransfer Portal
Gavin WilliamsRB IowaTransfer Portal
Josh VolkOL IowaTransfer Portal
Arland Bruce IVWR IowaTransfer Portal
Spencer PetrasQB IowaTransfer Portal
Will LevisQB KentuckyNFL Draft
Kavosiey SmokeRB KentuckyTransfer Portal
Traeshon HoldenWR AlabamaTransfer Portal
Christian LearyWR AlabamaTransfer Portal
JoJo EarleWR AlabamaTransfer Portal
Trey SandersRB AlabamaTransfer Portal
Khyree JacksonDB AlabamaTransfer Portal
Amari KnightOL AlabamaTransfer Portal
Tommy BrockermeyerOL AlabamaTransfer Portal
Damieon GeorgeOL AlabamaTransfer Portal
Javion CohenG AlabamaTransfer Portal
Braylen IngrahamDL AlabamaTransfer Portal
Cade McNamaraQB MichiganTransfer Portal
Erick AllTE MichiganTransfer Portal
Teradja MitchellLB Ohio StateTransfer Portal
Dillon JohnsonRB Mississippi StateTransfer Portal
Rara ThomasWR Mississippi StateTransfer Portal
Ke'Travion HargroveRB Mississippi StateTransfer Portal
DD SnyderRB IllinoisTransfer Portal
Phillip WebbLB LSUTransfer Portal
Kobe LewisRB PurdueTransfer Portal
Ralen GoforthLB USCTransfer Portal
Joey Porter Jr.CB Penn StateNFL Draft
Caziah HolmesRB Penn StateTransfer Portal
Ken TalleyDL Penn StateTransfer Portal
Christian VeilleuxQB Penn StateTransfer Portal
Rodney McGrawDL Penn StateTransfer Portal
Joey Porter Jr.CB Penn StateTransfer Portal
Tavion ThomasRB UtahTransfer Portal
Malone MataeleDB UtahTransfer Portal
Cedric TillmanWRTennesseeNFL Draft
Jalin HyattWRTennesseeNFL Draft
DeWayne McBrideRB UABNFL Draft


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