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Sports Betting Movies Ranked

Scott Morris | July 9, 2023
sports betting in movies

The intricate , detailed, nuanced and complex world of sports betting is hard to explain to a layman. Not only are you dealing with the complexities and variables involved with the sport you are wagering, you also must figure out which type of bet is right for you and how much to wager. After the bet is placed you have to figure out if you are going to watch the game from start to finish.. or are you going to go out for a nice dinner date with your lady and check the scores while she is powdering her nose.

That previous paragraph only scratches the surface of the endeavor of sports wagering. It is for this reason that we believe sports wagering movies, for the most part, have done a lousy job of conveying the appeal, excitement, dread and everything else associated with the activity.

In this article we want to list our  favorites sports betting movies. The movie doesn’t have to solely be about sports wagering to qualify but a large piece of the story arch must include the activity.

Best Sports Betting Movies

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. In our opinion these are the best sports betting movies ranked.

4. Lay The Favorite (2002)

The fact that this movie made the list should show you the dearth of good sports betting movies in existence. It makes some valiant attempts at capturing the world of sports wagering but ultimately falls a little flat.

Plot: The memoirs of Beth Raymer, a failed exotic dancer who relocates to Las Vegas and meets a seasoned sports bettor named Dink, who introduces her to the ways of gambling, serve as the basis for the satirical comedy Lay The Favorite.

The notable ensemble, which features Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Vince Vaughn, provides some wacky characters and classic Vegas hijinks that let spectators experience the thrills and letdowns of hot streaks and cold decks virtually, despite the varied reviews.

3. Two for the Money (2003)

Again, this movie is another example of how shallow the field is for best sports betting movie. Two for the Money had all the big name actors, budget, and story but ultimately fell flat. Still, it was the best attempt to tell the story from the inside looking out. The story is based on the real life story of handicapper Brandon Lang.

Two for the Money lacked flare and intrigue. It is a muddled down movie which tries to emphasize to the viewer how important sports betting is without actually making them feel it. In the end it was painfully obvious the director and most likely the actors themselves had little or no real life experience with sports betting. However, it is must-viewing for anyone with serious interest in sports betting.

2. Eight Men Out (1988)

The 1919 Black Sox Scandal, in which eight Chicago White Sox players were allegedly paid to lose the MLB World Series to the Cincinnati Reds, served as the inspiration for the fictional story Eight Men Out.

The movie, which examined the scandal’s occurrences and the trials of the participants, was incredibly well-liked by both reviewers and spectators. Viewers should anticipate a superb production, a true-to-life depiction of the time, and some exciting sports betting action. It scored 87% with critics and 80% with the general public on rotten tomatoes.

1.Uncut Gems (2019)

Now this movie has it all. It has real life drama mixed in with the shady guy that all of us have known (or still know). Of course the guy who hustles gemstones for a living bets way over his head on sports. That is spot on. And you can tell Adam Sandler has real life sports betting experience. Unlike Two for the Money, the actors and director of this movie have lived it in real life and that jumps off the screen. See our full review of Uncut Gems here

Honorable Mention:

Casino (1995)

Almost everyone is aware of this Scorsese classic and how great it is. The story is more about a bad relationship, drug addicts, mobsters, casinos and murders. However, there are just enough glimpses of sports betting in this movie to give it honorable mention. Sports betting probably takes up just about 5 minutes of screen time, other wise this movie would have been at the top of the list. Check out this sports betting scene from Casino

Miller’s Crossing

This movie was created by the very successful Coen Brothers. It was only the third movie in their career, following Blood Simple and Raising Arizona. Much of the movie’s plotline revolves around fixed fights and dialogue about laying bets with bookies. But the betting, fight fixing and bookie talk is really back seat information for a larger story about failed romances, corruption, jealousy, friendship and betrayal. Its is a masterwork of a movie, a must-see in our opinion.


I am sure there are some sports betting movies out there our staff has not seen. In a way, we really hate watching them. The reason is because anytime Hollywood tries to encapsulate your profession on the big screen they almost always get it wrong. What do you do for a living? Are you a medical professional? Are you a financial advisor? Does “Nurse Jackie” or “Wall Street” really do a great job of representing what you see in in every day real life?


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