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Recent Sportsbook Payout Report

September 12, 2023
sportsbook feedback

We rely on our customer feedback to shape and mold our ratings. Not only do they provide us with their thoughts about how easy the site was to use, but they also let us know about the sports offerings, how fair the lines and odds are and how fast they got paid out of they were fortunate enough to win money.

We save these emails and publish the results all at once. Today we will share the feedback we have received. It should also be noted that we secret shop sportsbooks from time to time as well for so we can get a look on the inside for ourselves.

Website ease of use

“The website is very easy to use. The odds are laid out in a very intuitive manner. The bet placement process was easy.” – customer feedback

“I had no problems navigating and using this website. The new layout is very nice” – secret shopper


Heritage Sportsbook

“The new layout is nice. I was confused a little when placing my first live bet when I didn’t see a “continue button” after selecting the team I wanted to bet on my mobile device. I quickly realized that there is a shopping cart icon in the upper right.” – secret shopper

“The site was easy enough to use. Selecting bets and placing them was pretty simple.” – secret shopper

“Still my favorite place to bet. Everything is smooth and I am comparing that to onshore and offshore sites” – customer feedback


Reported Payouts Times

BetOnline – Instant – Instant

Heritage – 15 minutes

YouWager – 20 hours


Other Comments


“Have been at this sportsbook for 8 years and never had a problem. Why go somewhere if I get everything I need here?” – customer feedback


We Need You

We need your input and feedback to shape the sportsbook ratings in a fair and accurate manner. Please provide us feedback by clicking this link



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