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  • sports betting fomo

    Fear of Missing Out After Cashing Out

    For some bettors, there is a distinct fear of missing out on a bet. One of the biggest fears of missing out comes when bettors take the option to cash out early. You’ve probably seen examples of thi...
  • sportsbook feedback

    Recent Sportsbook Payout Report

    We rely on our customer feedback to shape and mold our ratings. Not only do they provide us with their thoughts about how easy the site was to use, but they also let us know about the sports offerings...
  • The future of crypto and sports betting

    What Does the Immediate Future of Cryptocurrency & Gambling Look Like?

    “Your keys, your crypto” is a phrase you may have heard quite a bit lately. This is because with all the failed crypto exchanges, including most famously FTX, people have learned the hard ...
  • sportsbook payout speed report April 2021

    Sportsbook Payout Report for April 2021

    The most important factor when dealing with a sportsbook is if they will pay out. The next most important factor is the speed at which they pay. This holds especially true in an era where cryptocurren...
  • Sportsbook pays out Chiefs division win after week 4 of 2020

    Sportsbook Pays Out Kansas City as Division Winners Early

    Yes, we are only four weeks into the 17 week NFL season but one sportsbook has decided to pay out all those bettors who took K.C. at the start of the season at -350 odds early. Some lucky sports betto...
  • sportsbooks payments slow

    Corona-virus Causing Issues with Sportsbook Payments

    Many people are panicking during these uncertain times. They have a lot of nervous energy. For some, that means standing in a line, risking getting the corona-virus so that they can buy 36 rolls of to...
  • sportsbook payouts

    Sportsbook Payout Report November 2019

    Every few months we like to publish a report of reported recent sportsbook payout times. Sometimes those people reporting to us will also mention amount and method of payment. Our goal is to keep peop...
  • rookie of the year Luca Donicic odds

    Sportsbook Pays Out NBA Rookie of Year Winner Early

    We have seen sportsbooks in the past payout heavy favorites before the actual event. It is a strategy that garners press and notoriety. The idea is that regardless of if the heavy favorite wins or not...
  • payout time sortsbook

    December Sportsbook Payout Report

    Last week we asked our Twitter followers and readers to report their most recent payout, method and time it took to receive. Here is the result of that request: Intertops: 4 Days. Bitcoin. $200 Herita...
  • sportsbook payout

    October 2018 Payout Report

    From time to time we like to post payout times as reported to us by our readers and collected from various forums on the web.  This helps us mold our sportsbook rating system and it also helps you se...

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