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Recent Sportsbook Payout Report

Scott Morris | January 10, 2024
Sportsbook payout times report January 2024

One measurement we use to rate sportsbooks is their payout time. The time from when a person requests a payout to the very second the payment arrives is what we are talking about. The method that a person chooses to get paid can often affect the payout time. For instance, if a person requests a cashier’s check, then they can expect to wait days before receiving it.

But, in the modern age of cryptocurrency and instant-payouts, there are high expectations when it comes to payout speed. When using a bank account attached to Plaid, for example, the payment is credited to your account within seconds of when the processor pushes the button. I believe you have BTC to thank for that. The pressure that cryptocurrency has put on banks to be faster at settling payments is obvious in my opinion.

Anyway, below is a list of sportsbook payouts recently recorded by our staff. The purpose of these reports is to help us shape our ratings and to keep our readers as informed as possible. In a poll we just posted yesterday, it appears that payout speed is the single most important factor when choosing or staying with a sportsbook.

All information has been confirmed using screenshots and checking with the sportsbook in some cases.

Please provide us with details of your payout request and payment speed and we will reward you with a $10 payment. Just need to attach basic screen shots and account #. We do not need your name. Use this email address sportsbookadvisor(@) – remove the parentheses before sending email.

Recent Sportsbook Payout Report – January 2024

SportsbookAmountPayment timeReported
Heritage$6,000 in BTC15 minutes1/4/24$1900 in BTC15 mintues1/8/24$839 in USDT15 minutes1/8/24
Hard Rock Bet$550 Bank Transfer2 hours1/9/24
SportsBettingOnline$1000 in BTC*7 Days1/10/24
SportsBettingOnline$1000 in StellarRequested 1/18/24 - Never paid2/2/24

*Maximum payout allowed


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