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MB-SQUARES Sportsbook Warning

February 2, 2024
Sportsbettingonline scam warning

Customer currently has been waiting 25 days for a payment. Live chat doesn’t work and support emails go unanswered. We are issuing a warning on

This is the biggest time of year for sports betting with the Super Bowl approaching and our readers should be aware that this sportsbook seems to be in trouble and should be avoided.

For good sportsbooks, standard payout times in 2024 is same day and sometimes even same hour. has demonstrated that when they do payout they take a week or more to do so. The latest slow-pay/no-pay complaint demonstrates that this book may be headed for insolvency or at the very least doesn’t value paying customers as a priority.

There is a strong possibility that if you deposit with and win, that you will either be paid in an extremely slow fashion, or not be paid at all.

We have downgraded this sportsbook to a D- rating in our sportsbook rating guide as a result of this and other confirmed complaints.

List of Complaints:

  • Live chat doesn’t work
  • Support emails are not answered
  • Will accept large deposit amounts but limits payouts to $1K per week
  • Game bet limits of $1K
  • Cashier section does not work on mobile
  • Clunky and antiquated website design
  • Support ticket system is broken
  • Slow pays (1 week or more)
  • No pays (customer waiting over two weeks with no payment)

You can See’s Review Page Here


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