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NHL and NBA Finals Odds Update – Both Underdogs in Danger of Being Swept

Scott Morris | June 14, 2024
nhl and nba sweep?

There have only ever been two years where both the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals were both decided in sweep fashion. The last time it happened was almost 30 years ago. The 1995 NJ Devils swept the Detroit Red Wings while the Houston Rockets swept the Orlando Magic.

Prior to that, the 1983 NY Islanders swept the Edmonton Oilers and the Philadelphia 76ers swept the LA Lakers.

This year, both the Edmonton Oilers and the Dallas Mavericks are trying to prevent this from being the third double-sweep year. Both teams are down 0-3 and badly need a win. The Mavericks play at home tonight and the game is essentially a Pick em’. Some books have Dallas -1 while others have Boston -1.

The Florida Panthers have totally dominated the Oilers in their matchup as well. Edmonton is slight favorites tomorrow night at home. They are -120 at various online sportsbooks.

Series prices are totally lopsided as you would expect. The Panthers are -2000 to win the series and Edmonton is +1000. The Celtics are an un-bettable -5500 and Dallas is +2050 at

It wouldn’t make sense to put down any money on either series at this point. If you absolutely must, I believe the Oilers +1000 would be the only play but the odds of them winning 4 in a row are worse than the 10-1 payout.

But these series prices do reveal something worth betting. The sportsbooks have much greater faith in Edmonton being able to pull off a win or two before being eliminated. To them, the Mavericks fate is sealed and the nail in the coffin may occur tonight.

I am personally betting Edmonton tomorrow night -120 and if they win tonight I may take them in the next game as well. Other than those two wagers I see nothing of value regarding betting these two series or individual games.



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