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Alabama vs Georgia Final Preview

January 8, 2018
nick saban alabama

In a little less than three hours time the national championship game will start and sportsbooks are reporting that the money is flying in. Like we said a few weeks ago, Twitter can be just as good a source of sportsbook action information as knowing the sportsbooks managers yourself.

Apparently the public is on the Alabama Crimson Tide to the tune of 66% when combining the reports we have received. But the sharper players seem to be taking Georgia.

Personally, I am not in love with either side of this. It seems like Georgia is as good a team as team we have seen this year. But, betting against Nick Saban and Bama is like football betting heresy. You hear sharps are on Ga. but then you see this stat:

If someone put the proverbial gun to my head and made me bet this thing I would take Bama moneyline. I think it is at -185 right now. Seems like a logical play to protect against a backdoor cover or a Bama win by FG. But, like I said I don’t really like it. Legendary bookmaker Jimmy Vaccaro runs South Point Sportsbook and just took a huge wager from a guy with similar thinking as me:

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