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Cash Bonus vs. Free Play Bonus

November 5, 2012

Sportsbook bonuses come in many varieties and many sizes. It helps to know what bonus you are signing up for before doing so. The current sportsbook situation will give you a % bonus based on the amount you are depositing. In general you can expect that the higher the percentage the higher the “rollover” will be as well. The rollover is the minimum amount of total action you have to play before any money can be withdrawn.  ex. Lets say you deposit just $100 and your bonus is only 10% and the assigned rollover is just 3X. You would start your account with $110 cash money sitting there. And you would be required to make enough bets to generate $330 worth of wagers thus meeting the 3X rollover. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the bets. You just have to bet $330 worth of action to be able to withdraw any of that money in your account. You are now free to take the money and do whatever you like with it. Keep playing it, transfer it to another player, or withdraw it altogether.

There are two types of bonus cash. This is something you should check into as well before depositing. You can get the cash bonus like the example listed above.   Or you will be offered a bonus called a “free play” bonus. This is where you get a certain amount of free play dollars that you can usually bet on any even just like a regular bet. However, when the bet is paid you don’t get to keep the original betting amount. You only get to keep the winnings. The free play money is almost like a phantom. Free plays typically are larger offers than real cash because they know that you have to win before you see any of the real cash.

It’s not that free plays are bad. They can be misunderstood. And it is always best to know what somebody is getting into before they use their hard earned dollars.

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