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Difference Between Sharp Bettors and Public Bettors

July 18, 2016

Winning more than losing in sports betting online is a difficult task. There is a great deal of talk online about the sharp bettors. That term has risen to near mythical proportion in the online sports betting arena.

Nonetheless, the term is quite misunderstood. Sharp bettors often times are given too much credit. Most people believe sharp bettors are those that possess the inside info, have more knowledge than regular bettors and have foolproof systems.

That in a nutshell is not the truth. The big difference between sharp bettors and the “square” or the public bettor is the time as well as effort the sharp bettor puts into his or her goal of winning.

Anyone would expect a player in the NBA to be a much better player than a player in a city league who plays once per week and then goes out for beers after the game. The player in the NBA practices as well as plays basketball for a living while receiving far better coaching.

That same type of analogy can be used in sports betting. The “sharp bettor”: the word sharp means successful, due to the time he or she spends during the day and night studying different sports, learning how they can find value and profit from application of that information.

The casual bettor takes a look at a stat or two, reads one or two articles about the game or the game’s two teams and usually ends up choosing the team he or she likes better. It’s the laziness that kills the average bettor.

One example of what sharp bettors look at is the final score. They really do not care what the game’s final score is but how and why it ended that way.

They ask the questions: Did the winner come out on top because of their dominating running game? Was the loser’s secondary playing poorly all night? Was the offensive line too dominating for the defense’s front seven?

The questions go on and one as to why the final score was what it was.

Sharp bettors search for the game’s details, while the casual bettor sees that one team won two straight games by over 20 points and then assumes the same will happen against but does not look how the reason they won by the 20 points and if that same thing could realistically be done against their upcoming opponent.

Casual bettors choose who they think is going to win, while the final outcome to a sharp bettor is worthless, they look at the spread and if it can be covered or not.

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