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  • sharp bettors vs squares

    To Watch or Not To Watch – Sharps vs. Squares

    The average public bettor tosses a few bucks on a game, typically a popular one, and then settles down with a few adult beverages to watch. Having some skin in the game makes it more exciting or, some...
  • How Sharp Bettors Manipulate the Market

    If you have been around the sports betting industry long enough, you may know who William T. “Billy” Walters is. Then again, you may not. That’s okay, but you are surely aware of sharp bettors. ...
  • Difference Between Sharp Bettors and Public Bettors

    Winning more than losing in sports betting online is a difficult task. There is a great deal of talk online about the sharp bettors. That term has risen to near mythical proportion in the online sport...

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