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Dogs Give Books Big Win in NFL Week 3

September 26, 2017

Week 3 of the NFL was dominated by sportsbooks from early on Sunday when the Jacksonville Jaguars (+3) rolled over the Baltimore Ravens in London 44-7 that set the stage for the “Day of the Dogs.”

In early games, the dogs went crazy with 9 covers in 10 games and winning seven of the outright. Sportsbooks online and in Vegas enjoyed one of their best Sunday’s during the regular season in years.

Books were able to see 5-, 6- and 7-point favorites lose outright and nearly had a 13-point chalk, the New England Patriots lose outright, but rallied to win but not cover.

The game that drew the most bets on Sunday for the majority of books was Denver (-4) at Buffalo. The Broncos were on over 80% of the tickets on most sportsbooks, after rolling over Dallas the week before. However, it was the first road game of the season for the Broncos and Buffalo won outright 26-16.

Another big game was the Raiders on the road against the Redskins. That game was the second biggest bet game on Sunday and the Raiders, one of the public’s most popular teams to bet on, were on over 90% of the tickets for many books.

Washington raced out to a lead of 21-0 and never looked back winning 27-10 with a total yard advantage of 473 to 128, showing just how well the Redskins defense shut down the Raiders offense.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears game at Soldier Fielder in Chicago drew a large number of bettors as Pittsburgh is another public betting favorite. The Bears took a 10-point lead only to squander it late, but rallied in OT to win outright as 7-point dogs to help books even more.

A number of sportsbooks had the Steelers on over 75% of the tickets they sold for that game. Losses by the Steelers and the Broncos helped to knock off a large number of parlays and teasers off the board.

The only favorite that covered early on Sunday was Atlanta and it appeared that would not happen until the officials reversed a game-ending touchdown for Detroit to give Atlanta (-3) a 30-26 victory.

Big moneyline parlays that came through for a number of bettors in Week 2 of the NFL were knocked out early on Sunday thanks to the “Day of the Dogs” giving sportsbooks a very big win on Sunday.

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