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Donald Trump Presidential Odds Are Getting Longer as Election Nears

August 25, 2016

The U.S. National Election is about two and a half months away. The race for the White House is in full swing with Hillary Clinton representing the Democrats and Donald Trump representing the Republicans.

Other candidates include Gary Johnson representing the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein representing the Green Party.

The month of August has not been that kind to the GOP candidate Donald Trump. To end July, Trump was at 2 to 1 to win the election, but has since seen his odds nearly double at a number of sportsbooks online.

However, bettors that entered the presidential sweepstakes early on and predicted Trump would be the Republican Party nominee hold tickets worth as much as 66 to 1 if Trump is able to do what now appears less and less and win the national election to be the next United States President.

When it comes to props, sportsbooks are taking action on a number of different props that range from individual state voting for the electoral college to dark horse winners, who at this time are not even on any particular presidential ticket.

For instance, with the electoral voting per state, Trump being victorious in Florida has a return of +220, while the odds of Clinton win the Sunshine State are -300.

There are expected to be speech props that will be released in the next few days for the upcoming debates between the presidential and vice presidential candidates.

Previously betting sites took the bets on speeches during the Democratic and Republican nominee speeches when accepting the nomination for their particular party, which caused some players to complain in a similar way to the national anthem props that are used for the annual Super Bowl.

Most sportsbooks have betting odds for the U.S. Presidential election with a number of props to bet on making the race for the White House an enjoyable one for the sports bettors in the know.