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  • DeSantis odds

    DeSantis & Biden Co-Favorites to Win 2024

    Political odds aren’t sports odds but they can be intriguing to bet nonetheless. People who won’t normally bet sports or casino have been known to place a wager on their favorite politicia...
  • Sanders campaigning

    Updated Presidential Odds March 2020

    Its about that time for another update on the presidential odds for the 2020 election. The democrats have been battling one another on TV and news media to see who can be the most socialist and phony-...
  • Biden presidential odds

    2020 President Odds

    Don’t looks now but Joe Biden is gaining ground on President Donald Trump in the betting odds. Both candidates kicked off their race for the 2020 bid this month and apparently Biden has been imp...
  • presidential odds 2020

    2020 Presidential Odds

    Sportsbook Advisor is a mainly a sports betting information website. But, from time to time we like to mix in entertainment odds as well as political odds. Betting on who will win the next presidentia...
  • From the ‘WTF Files’, Paddy Power Declares Clinton Winner and Pays Bets

    This morning Irish bookmaker Paddy Power declared Hillary Clinton the winner in the U.S. Presidential Election. This would be all well and good except for the election doesn’t take place until n...
  • Donald Trump Presidential Odds Are Getting Longer as Election Nears

    The U.S. National Election is about two and a half months away. The race for the White House is in full swing with Hillary Clinton representing the Democrats and Donald Trump representing the Republic...

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