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MLB World Series Odds – Phillies Jump Cubs & Cardinals

March 7, 2019
Harper in the Phillies preseason

The most anticipated free agent signing of the 2019 off-season was definitely Bryce Harper and where he would end up. Right behind him was the curiosity of where Manny Machado would land. Manny took the money and signed for a $300M for ten years deal with the Padres. The Padres are on nobodies as far as a threat to win the WS. In fact their odds are just +4000 and located in the bottom half of the odds list. The Padres odds shortened from +6600 with the addition of Machado.

Harper really waited to the eleventh hour to find a home and it paid off. He was able to get a $330M deal for ten years to play for the Philadelphia Phillies, a team that already has realistic World Series chances. Will Harper be the final piece to put them over? Oddsmakers have adjusted the odds accordingly and shortened the odds so much that they jumped ahead of the Cubs, Indians and Cardinals. Reports from sportsbooks offshore are that action on the Phillies has been at a fever pitch, especially from the North-East United States. Go figure.

Here are the current AL & NL pennant odds followed by the odds for the 2019 World Series:

Odds to Win the AL

New York Yankees+275
Boston Red Sox+300
Houston Astros+300
Cleveland Indians+700
Oakland Athletics+1400
Tampa Bay Rays+1600
Chicago White Sox+2000
Los Angeles Angels+2200
Minnesota Twins+2500
Seattle Mariners+5000
Texas Rangers+10000
Toronto Blue Jays+10000
Kansas City Royals+15000
Detroit Tigers+20000
Baltimore Orioles+25000

Many people bet on World Series futures at secure offshore sportsbooks

Odds to win the NL

Los Angeles Dodgers+400
Philadelphia Phillies+450
Chicago Cubs+700
St. Louis Cardinals+750
Atlanta Braves+800
Washington Nationals+800
Milwaukee Brewers+1000
New York Mets+1200
Colorado Rockies+1800
San Diego Padres+2200
San Francisco Giants+2800
Cincinnati Reds+3300
Arizona Diamondbacks+5000
Pittsburgh Pirates+5000
Miami Marlins+25000

Many people bet on World Series futures at secure offshore sportsbooks


Odds to Win the 2019 World Series

New York Yankees+600
Boston Red Sox+700
Houston Astros+750
Los Angeles Dodgers+800
Philadelphia Phillies+800
Chicago Cubs+1200
Cleveland Indians+1200
St. Louis Cardinals+1400
Washington Nationals+1600
Atlanta Braves+1800
Milwaukee Brewers+1800
New York Mets+2000
Oakland Athletics+2800
Colorado Rockies+3300
Tampa Bay Rays+3300
San Diego Padres+4000
Chicago White Sox+5000
Los Angeles Angels+5000
Minnesota Twins+5000
San Francisco Giants+5000
Cincinnati Reds+6600
Arizona Diamondbacks+10000
Pittsburgh Pirates+10000
Seattle Mariners+10000
Texas Rangers+20000
Toronto Blue Jays+20000
Kansas City Royals+25000
Baltimore Orioles+50000
Detroit Tigers+50000
Miami Marlins+50000

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