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Parent Co.: Jazette Enterprises
Website: (moved companies July 2012 click here),,, & more
Rating: Multiple between D- & B


Note: ( is a member of this company but has been separated to it’s own page because of the amount of news generated. Click Here for Page

Synopsis: Sportsbetting is one of the many books operated by the Jazette Sports Group. The most famous of the brands are,, and A list of these books is located here. We will list news for each of these books on this main control page. These books are regulated by the same company and some of the brands claim to operate independantly of one another and have different ownership. There is some evidence to support this claim. We are rating the brands separately based on positive and /or negative feedback case by case.

Jazette Bulletins (non for page.

June 25, 2012 BetOnline (Rating B) Acquires (Rating D). This is a good sign for the many slow pay clients that are out there. BetOnline is a strong force in the industry and acquiring competing sportsbooks is a bullish sign for this company.

May 9, 2012 Recent Complaints. Customers seeking large payouts told that their payout will have to wait until company can develop a better payout method. We have advised concerned customer to keep us apprised of developments. is a C- rated faction of Jazette Enterprises. To avoid complications and not worry about payouts use one of our Top Ranked Sportsbooks.

March 16, 2010 hit with another blatant rip off complaint. They won’t return SA’s emails to follow up either. Already a very low rated sportsbook, MORE

June 1, 2009 SportsBetting (Rating D) & Sister Books, steal winnings and deposit: Sportsbooks sometimes will open multiple store fronts to appeal to various types of players. And sometimes players, knowingly or unknowingly, will open accounts at two or more of these books.

November 17, 2008 – Superbook (SA Rating C) downgraded to D+. Multiple players complain of slow pays as well as a confirmed arbitrary confiscation of funds. Superbook is part of the troubled Jazette group that has many sportsbooks, all of which have complaints.

October 22, 2008 – (Rating D), like some in the industry, continues to have problems with slow pays. Players also report bounced checks.

May 1 , 2008 – enters guide at D Rating. A dozen or so slow pays have been reported to us.

Articles on File:

Jazette Late Pays – May 2009 confiscates player’s winnings – November 2007