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Legends Sportsbook

Location: Panama City, Panama
Website: BetLegends.eu
Rating: Offline


Notes: Legends operates out of Panama City, Panama. Before 2009, Legends operated from url www.legendz.com and sister site, and low juice model, www.thepig.com. The Pig site has since been migrated to Legends.com.


Legends Sportsbook Shut Down

By sportsbook-advisor On April 17, 2013

A few days ago we reported that there were indictments handed down in the case of Legends Sportsbook by the U.S. Government. The sportsbook apparently had been mostly run by U.S. based citizens and was operating from Panama City, Panama. Since that time the government of Panama has revoked Legends’ gaming license. They are no longer taking wagers. Legends has[Continue Reading…]

34 Charged with Operating Illegal Sports Betting

By sportsbook-advisor On April 13, 2013

34 individuals were charged this week with conducting an illegal sports betting operation. The defendants were connected to Legends Sportsbook located in Panama City Panama. Legends opened in 2003 and has, according to U.S. authorities, taken in over $1 Billion in bets since that time. Legends has been rated “A” and “A+” the entire time[Continue Reading…]

March 26, 2012 Legends.com is Now BetLegends.eu. This morning the company Legends.com became the latest online sportsbook to switch it’s domain name.

November 11, 2011 Legends Payout Speed. Multiple feedback this week about Legends ability to payout winners quickly. Legends is moving back up our “Top Sportbsooks” list. For more information on Legends Sportsbook.

July 22, 2011 Legends (SA Rating A) Upgrades Betting Platform. Longtime industry leader Legends has spent the last several days upgrading betting program. We have had a chance to play around within the system and find it to be an improvement.

September 22, 2009 Legends Sportsbook (Rating A+) forced to create back up version of site as they were the latest victim of a DOS (Denial of Service) attack this past weekend. The backup url is http://backup.legends.com

July 9, 2009 Starting August 1, 2009 ThePig.com will be undergoing a permanent merge into its parent company, LegendZ Sports. All current customers of The Pig will continue to have full access to their low-juice accounts at ThePig.com but will have to log in through www.LegendZ.com beginning in August. Read Legendz

April 14, 2009 We Visit Legendz / The Pig Sportsbooks. A small team from Sportsbook Advisor visited the facility of Legendz/ThePig Sportsbooks. Our goal was to meet with the managers of the sportsbook(s) that we recommend to our clients on a regular basis. After a tour of the facility

February 13, 2009 Introducing “The Pig”. Sportsbook, part of the Legendz family, enters Sportsbook Advisor Rating Guide at A+ and added to the recommended list.

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