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  • Florida's sports betting situation in 2024

    Seminole Hard Rock’s Position as Florida’s Only Sportsbook is Secure

    The sports betting situation in Florida is both simple and complex. On one hand, you have a state run by conservative Republicans who don’t exactly love the idea of sports betting and gambling i...
  • FanDuel vs DraftKings

    DraftKings Vs. FanDuel – A Sportsbook Comparison

    DraftKings and FanDuel are two of the largest online fantasy sportsbooks globally. Together they have roughly 14 million users and comprise 95% of the fantasy sports market. If that wasn’t enough, b...
  • SBA Iphone App Released Today

    In continuing with SBA’s quest to bring you the latest and greatest sports betting news, today we unveil the iphone App for Sportsbook Advisor. Now get sportsbook news, free basketball picks, so...
  • Give Feedback About Our New App Win Prize

    With the success of the launch of the Android App last week, we are asking for feedback from people who have downloaded it.  What are your thoughts and feelings about the app etc.? Hundreds have down...
  • SBA Android APP Relased

    Do you love our daily sports picks and sportsbook news? Wish it could be delivered to your phone in easy way? We have an app for that! Released today is the SBA Android App. Get Sportsbook news, free ...

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