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BetDSI DownGrade

September 4, 2019

We have received a few messages in our inbox this week from players that are complaining about Diamond Sportsbook aka BetDSI. They received an email of a free bet waiting for them when they log-in. The problem is that when try to log-in, their password no longer works. When the player clicks the link to […]

BETDSI Separates from BookMaker Brand

July 10, 2017

Bet DSI (Diamond Sportsbook) is in the process of separating itself, virtually and physically, from the group. The company has been under the BetCRIS/Bookmaker umbrella for a long time and has always claimed it’s own independence from the other brands. The current rating of C- will be under review after this split. The rating […]

BetDSI Site Outage Scheduled

July 7, 2017

BetDSI (SBA Rating C-) has sent out a message that its site is scheduled to be down approximately 11 hours beginning Sunday night. Below is the exact message sent by the company: “Dear Player: On July 9th through July 10th, our¬†BetDSI sites¬†will undergo software and hardware updates. The sites will be temporarily offline starting July […]