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  • Sportsbook blacklist newly published

    Sportsbook Blacklist Updated

    We keep a sportsbook blacklist on our site to help players avoid getting scammed by known scammer outfits. Until today, we kept long-defunct sportsbooks on that list just in case they happen to pop ba...
  • being limited or kicked out of a sportsbook

    Why Am I Being Limited at My Sportsbook?

    Sportsbooks exist to book bets on sporting events. But they really exist to make money. This is done by the built-in “bookie fee” or “vig” that comes with each bet. On your sta...
  • bet the line sportsbook Enters Review Guide with F Rating

    A year ago we posted an initial look at the sportsbook – In our article we pointed out that we had zero feedback from players of this sportsbook so we couldn’t issue a rating...

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