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  • Super Bowl 58 free picks

    Super Bowl Picks from Multiple Handicappers

    The 2024 edition of the Super Bowl, aka Super Bowl 58, will feature two teams for which the public is very familiar. The 49ers and the Chiefs both have a huge fan base and a long history of success in...
  • Sports Betting Syndicates - Are they legal?

    What is a Sports Betting Syndicate?

    In its simplest terms, a sports betting syndicate is loosely defined as a group of people that get together to try and win money betting on sports using coordinated plays. Over the years ‘bettin...
  • The 9 Biggest Wagering Mistakes

    Many may seem obvious, but they’re consistently made by novices and even those more seasoned. 1. Don’t bet more than 5% of your bankroll. I don’t care how good you are. You will have losing stre...
  • Kentucky Derby Reaction from Racing Pro John Rothschild

    05-08-19 Stating on multiple ESPN stations that this year’s Trifecta would look like a telephone number. But, I didn’t know that: 1) One payout would almost be big enough to include an are...
  • what is a handicapper article

    What is Sports Handicapping?

    Here at we keep our eyes on the happenings of the sportsbook world. We receive emails with feedback about sportsbooks online and we factor them into our rating system. We report ...

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