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  • Nathan Peterman QB

    The Top 10 Worst QBs in the History of the NFL

    As we get ready for the NFL conference championship games this weekend, we can relish in the fact that we will get to watch four elite quarterbacks attempt to get their respective teams to the Super B...
  • Dolphins vs Cowboys best game on Thanksgiving day history

    The Best Thanksgiving Day NFL Games in History

    On Thursday, families throughout the country will gather for their traditional Thanksgiving Day feasts. Many will flip on their televisions and tune in to one of the three National Football League gam...
  • 2021 Arizona Cardinals started 8-0

    History of the Last Unbeaten NFL Teams

    The last of the unbeatens, the Philadelphia Eagles now lost a football game in the 2022 regular season. Some suggest, though mostly to make themselves feel a bit better, that it’s good. Philadelphia...
  • Trends week 1 NFL week 1

    Analyzing NFL Week 1 Trends from Years Past

    With the 2022 NFL season less than a week away, bettors should be looking ahead to a prosperous season. One thing to examine before heading into Week 1 are trends from years past. Blindly betting tren...
  • Players who did well at combine failed in pro career

    NFL Combine Heroes Who Became Pro Zeroes

    The annual NFL combine is underway this week in Indianapolis. Coaches, players, and fans are often indifferent about whether the combine really matters. The answer, of course, is that the NFL continue...
  • Derrick Henry in 2020 - all time great seasons

    The NFL’s Most Dominant Seasons May Surprise You

    With the advent of the 17-game season in 2021, fans will not be surprised to see some records fall. The 5,000-yard passing season, for example, will likely become more common and a new record season o...
  • steve young super bowl largest spread

    Largest Point Spreads in NFL Playoff History

    We received such a good response from an article we wrote a while back called Largest NFL Point Spreads Ever, that we decided to do one specifically focusing on post season NFL spreads. In the article...

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