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  • 13 favorites covering?

    If Vikings Cover Tonight it Will Set a Record

    In the Super Bowl era  (1966-67 season ’til now) there have never been 13 favorites cover in any one week of NFL play. The record was tied last night at 12 favorites covering when the Ravens of...
  • NFL news June 2023

    2023 NFL Preseason News

    The start of the 2023 NFL season is closing in. Teams will be increasing their preparation. Front offices have roster decisions, while the players are all out to improve on last season.  Major injury...
  • Austin Ekler stays with Chargers

    News Cycle in NFL Just Continues

    The 2023 NFL draft is complete, and the regular-season schedule is available. We now have reached the “quiet” period in terms of major player news, but still some big names aren’t signed. Despit...
  • Can Philly go 17-0? Odds

    Two-Team Race in NFC West Doesn’t Involve Rams + Can Eagles Go 17-0?

    This isn’t an overreaction, with half the season still remaining. The Los Angeles Rams have a lot of quality on the roster, and a decent coach in Sean McVay. However, at the Week 9 halfway point of ...
  • Kareem Hunt News TRade

    NFL Updates – Browns Won’t Trade Kareem Hunt & More

    The Cleveland Browns say that they will continue to keep both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt in their backfield, despite the report that an unhappy Hunt has asked for a trade. Hunt has wanted a contract e...
  • NFL news - Pro Bowl sucks- Kamara arrested

    Around the NFL – Pro Bowl is a Joke – Dolphins New Head Coach – Kamara in Hot Water

    While the Super Bowl was a week away, the Pro Bowl filled some of the football void. There was sufficient NFL news to keep fans engaged, both on and off the field. The biggest event was the game itsel...
  • Rams to be listed as Road Team in Super Bowl why?

    Rams to be ‘Road’ Team at SoFi

    For the second time in history, and for the second time in a row, a team gets to play the Super Bowl in its home stadium. In this case, however, the L.A. Rams won’t be the official home team. Last y...
  • Baker Mayfield hurt against steelers

    NFL Injury Update Entering Week 18 of January 2022

    For the first time ever, teams play a 17th regular-season game in a season — and an added game brings added pitfalls too. Along with the continued issues with COVID, the accumulation of injuries has...
  • The Bucs are falling apart

    Why Are The Tampa Bay Bucs Falling Apart?

    Unless you spent Week 17 of the NFL season in a remote cave on a deserted island, you likely heard about the whole Antonio Brown fiasco. As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers struggled on Sunday with the New Yo...
  • Mac Jones and Belichick struggle

    Bill Belichick No Longer a Sure-Thing Against Rookies

    Nothing that you read here is an argument against Bill Belichick being the best head coach in the NFL over the last 20 years, or even of all-time. It’s hard to imagine there ever being another coach...

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