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  • Game 6 World Series Free Pick

    Game 6 World Series Preview and Pick

    The Rays are backed into a 3-2 corner with the Dodgers threatening to ruin their dreams of winning their first World Series in franchise history. The Dodgers seem to be much too much for Rays at times...

  • Rays Game 4 odds

    World Series Game 4 Odds – Updated Series Odds

    Its a seesaw battle and currently the seesaw is currently tilted toward the Dodgers side of the playground. They lead 2-1 and are favored to win tonight’s game. In fact, you can pretty much bet ...

  • Game 2 World Series Odds

    Game 2 Preview and Updated World Series Odds

    Well, the World Series didn’t start too hot for the Tampa Bay Rays. They put their best guy on the mound and he and his top ranked bullpen were shellacked. The Dodgers seem to really be on fire ...