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WagerWeb Dispute

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“A player won $37,451 making over 60 football wagers through the month of October. At the end of October, the player requested his funds and was given $5,000, which equaled the total amount he deposited. He was told his winnings would not be paid due to wagering fraud. WagerWeb states the player stalled wagering phone clerks, giving him the ability to make bets after kick-off. The book has thus far provided evidence that the player bet six minutes after the start of one game. SBR has reviewed multiple examples of his NFL wagers which were found to have been placed prior to kick off. This dispute highlights WagerWeb’s on-going problems with risk management and their inability to deal with issues in real time. If the book identifies a bet placed after the start of a game it is expected to cancel the wager immediately, informing the player of its error of failing to close the betting market on time- as opposed to allowing the player’s funds to be risked and later canceling the bet upon auditing his wagering history. Regardless of past-posting claims, Wagerweb has unjustly punished the player labeling his account as fraudulent instead of addressing individual wagers. SBR has asked Wagerweb to address each individual bet and to pay the player for all wagers where he was allowed to put his funds at risk.”

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We attempted to investigate this event in December. We didn’t hear back from So we figured that they were guilty of foul play because they seemed to be blowing us off. Actually what happened was they had the wrong contact number for us.

Dan from WagerWeb proves that player stalled on the phones for 5-10 minutes past game start to get any advantage possible. With thousands of players calling and placing bets, the book didn’t catch this action until down the line. All bets were recorded on tape. Dan says it is obvious player was stalling to gain an advantage. WagerWeb plainly states in their rules that games are off after the game starts. And they have the right to review the action and take actions to dismiss wagers. After Wagerweb went through the bet history and eliminated the late bets, the player actually would have owed them money. But, to be fair WagerWeb simply refunded the players money (inital deposits) and told him to play elsewhere.

According to this chain of events, WagerWeb does have the right to do so. Maybe the only thing they are guilty of is not having software that prevents their tellers from recording wagers once the game has started. It is after further review that we will not hold this event against WagerWeb and see no reason to downgrade them and remove them from our recommended list. They have a good enough track record to deem their claims as fair. WagerWeb is restored to “B+” rating on our list of sportsbooks.