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Ways to Bet the World Cup

July 13, 2018
soccer odds

Sunday is the football match that will decide the 2018 World Cup champion. European football is much different than American football in many ways and the way you bet on the game is no exception. The main ways you can bet the game are:

  1. Spread
  2. Three way moneyline
  3. Straight winner moneyline
  4. Over/Under (total score)

The spread is basically betting the team minus goals.  For example, if a team is -1.5 goals and you bet them, they need to win by two goals for you to collect your bet.

The three way money line is the classic way to bet on European football (soccer). You can bet either team or you can bet the draw. This bet is graded at the end of regulation and it does not matter who wins in overtime.

The straight moneyline bet is where you bet which team will win at the outcome of the match, regardless if it is decided in overtime or not. Below we are listing the odds and spreads for the World Cup Final. Also, we are including the spread for the third place game: (odds provided by BetOnline)

World Cup Third Place Game


Belgium +1/2 goal (-116)
England -1/2 goal (-104)

Three way moneyline

Belgium +130
England +205
Draw +240

Straight up moneyline

Belgium -150
England +120

Total Goals Scored

Over 3 (-116)
Under 3 (-114)

World Cup Final


France +1/2 goal (-114)
Croatia -1/2 goal (-106)

Three way moneyline

France -114
Croatia +310
Draw +225

Straight up moneyline

France -210
Croatia +190

Total Goals Scored

Over 2 (+101)
Under 2 (-121)