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  • MLS and Apple

    How Does Apple Plan to Revolutionize Soccer in America?

    Apple is forever known as the company of disruption. When they decide to enter an industry for whatever reason, they change it forever. The next industry they have on their list of targets is, surpris...
  • mason mount

    Premier League Transfers

    When football season is over, it gets pretty boring for the fans, and that goes for the “other” football fans too (soccer). But when the transfer window opens it is one of the most excitin...
  • dortmund loses bundeliga title

    How Borussia Dortmund Lost the Bundesliga Title

    Bayern Munich have just won their eleventh league title in a row after Dortmund drew against Mainz. Sebastian Haller missed a crucial penalty in the nineteenth minute and Mainz scored their second goa...
  • summer time sports to bet and make money

    Build Your Bankroll in the Dog Days of Summer

    Discouraged because the NBA Finals are coming up putting an end to what you thought was the betting season? Fret no more. You can still build your bankroll by betting in the summer months. Too many sp...
  • Manchester United

    Manchester City’s Premier League Dominance

    Manchester City are on the verge of winning their third premier league title in a row and it will be their fifth title in just six seasons unless they do not bottle it. Pep Guardiola came to City at t...
  • Lionel Messi returns to Barcelona

    Analyzing Messi’s Potential Fairytale Return To Barcelona

    Lionel Andres Messi’s return to FC Barcelona is now not a dream but can be a reality. Joan Laporta is working on this transfer now more than ever and it seems like it will happen sooner or later. Me...
  • Football Manager

    All About Soccer Managers

    Managers have a special pedigree in football. The presence of a strong and popular manager often results in positive results, or regular 3 points in the league, for most teams in professional football...
  • Barcelona problems

    FC Barcelona’s Recent Downfall – Explained

    FC Barcelona is the undisputed cathedral of soccer. The club is as historic and legacy-rich as they come, with its history dating all the way back to 1899, when Gamper founded the club.. Ever since th...
  • Why did Drake lose the Argentina world cup bet?

    Regular Time Soccer Betting & Why Drake Lost $1 Million

    Canadian rapper Drake has long been active in the sports betting industry. Although he is best known for being a super-fan of the Toronto Raptors, he has been spotted at plenty of other sporting event...
  • will soccer ever be as popular in the USA

    Will Soccer Ever Become As Popular As American Sports

    Though it has been popular in other parts of the world for centuries, soccer has yet to achieve the same level of acceptance in the United States. American sports like football and basketball are far ...

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