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Just Bet (Rating A) Now in Spanish and Portuguese

March 1, 2013

South-America-LanguagesTop Sportsbook announced today that their site is now available in Portuguese and Spanish. Simply look for the language flags at the very top right side of the website to switch. Offering these two languages is a no brainer for sportsbooks as South America is really coming along with sports wagering. South America is primarily a Spanish speaking continent with the major exception of Brazil which is mainly Portuguese.  There are some parts where English and French are the default language but comparatively speaking are negligible in numbers. (see image right)

It is this very reason that our Soccer (futbol) blog has a language translator.  The language translator is provided by Microsoft and though it may lose some of the nuances of a language the main points get across.   In our case we feature the games being played and our free pick.

Special Note: Edited January 17, 2016

Just Bet joined the “” family of sportsbooks and is now rated C-

and is no longer Rated A