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JustBet Changes Their Web Address

March 10, 2018

If you are a JustBet (SBA Rating C-) customer you will now be logging into and not That is because the .cx site is no longer available after a dispute by a politician in a very newly aggressive Australian political atmosphere regarding the gambling industry. .cx is regulated from Christmas Island, which is an […]

JustBet to be Operated by Bookmaker

July 17, 2013

News was released today that the company JustBet (SBA Rating A-) is now operated by (SBA Rating C-). The move was scheduled to take place now at the low point of the betting season.  Management warns that there may be some connectivity issues at Justbet until the move is 100% complete. You can check […]

Just Bet (Rating A) Now in Spanish and Portuguese

March 1, 2013

Top Sportsbook announced today that their site is now available in Portuguese and Spanish. Simply look for the language flags at the very top right side of the website to switch. Offering these two languages is a no brainer for sportsbooks as South America is really coming along with sports wagering. South America is primarily a […]

Cash Bonus vs. Free Play Bonus

January 24, 2013

Sportsbook Bonus Talk Cash Bonus vs. Free Play Bonus This is a topic we get asked about quite often. Players sometimes are confused as to what the difference is between the cash bonus and the free play.  Cash bonus is where they add the cash to your total from the start. Say you deposit $500 […]

Justbet 100% Free Play Bonus for All SBA readers

October 10, 2012

One of the perks of being an SBA reader is that SBA is able to negotiate great deals to the best sportsbooks online. Recently some of our clients have been taking advantage of our 100% free play offer we have going with JustBet Sportsbook. (Rating A+) 100% freeplay bonus on deposits from $100-$500 Bonus, 10x rollover applies. Your promo code is “Advisor” THIS […]