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  • offline Website Down – (Update) Site is Live Again (SBA Rating C-) and its sister websites BetCRIS and are all offline and have been for over 24 hours. Companies will often pick this time of year to perform any server maintenan...
  • election results payout

    Have Sportsbooks Declared a Winner in the Presidential Election?

    One way you can get a true reading on how something is really shaking out is by what Vegas (or offshore) are doing with the odds on the subject matter. Sportsbooks are not in the business of predictin...
  • bookmaker logo

    Bookmaker Group Limits Payouts

    In an apparent effort to prevent a “run on the bank” the Bookmaker Group (BetCRIS, JustBet, Hollywood and has placed a $3,000 per week withdrawal limit on their customers. Th...
  • JustBet Changes Their Web Address

    If you are a JustBet (SBA Rating C-) customer you will now be logging into and not That is because the .cx site is no longer available after a dispute by a politician in a very ...
  • JustBet to be Operated by Bookmaker

    News was released today that the company JustBet (SBA Rating A-) is now operated by (SBA Rating C-). The move was scheduled to take place now at the low point of the betting season.  Man...
  • Just Bet (Rating A) Now in Spanish and Portuguese

    Top Sportsbook announced today that their site is now available in Portuguese and Spanish. Simply look for the language flags at the very top right side of the website to switch. Offering t...

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