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Miami Heat Win Streak Over/Under

March 19, 2013

“The Heat are always a heavily bet team and due to their current streak their spreads are reflecting this, so I would not say they are more heavily bet on a daily basis on the spread. However, even at 11/10, they are still seeing the highest volume of money wagered on them to win the title.”

-Kevin Bradley, Sports Book Manager,

At SBA we feel the streak won’t hit 29. There have been five games they almost lost along the way including last night’s game vs Boston where they trailed most of the game.


How many games will the Heat’s winning streak last?

Over/Under 29


Will the Heat set the NBA record of 34 straight wins?

Yes 6/1


Will the Heat win every remaining game in the Season?

Yes 10/1


Odds to win Title Last Week 5/4

Odds to win currently 11/10