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10 Sports Betting Tips Every Professional Should Follow

Scott Morris | May 4, 2014

Professional sports bettors – the successful ones, at least – are methodical. They do not make random guesses. They don’t bet on teams because they like the uniforms, have a hard-on for the starting quarterback or know a guy that knows a guy that gave them a “tip”. They bet on teams they feel have a good chance of covering the spread based on their knowledge of each team. The following is an extensive list of sports betting tips that won’t ensure you make the big bucks. But they will certainly help…

1.Manage your money well

Don’t have much money? Then don’t quit your day job. Sports betting requires an investment if you expect to do it for a living. You’ll have days and weeks that are rough so it’s essential to have a sizeable bankroll.

2.Avoid games involving teams you are emotionally invested in

We all want to see our favorite teams win and our hated rivals lose. But most of us are unable to think logically when it comes to breaking down a game involving teams we love and hate. So stay away from those games unless you’re a rare breed that actually can be objective in this situation.

3.Bet more on/against teams you know well

You have an edge against the house when wagering on or against teams you know inside and out. Of course, this is assuming that team isn’t your favorite team or hated rival. If you know more about a team than a regular handicapper, I suggest betting heavily on or against that team.

4.Never let it ride or chase your money

Stuck a few hundred bucks the past few days? It happens. Don’t let it bug you. The worst mistake you can make is to try to win that money back on one game with a massive bet. There are no guarantees in sports betting, so don’t go crazy just because you’re down a few hundred over the weekend. Play smart and win it back over time.

5.Avoid being a “media sucker”

As much as I love watching ESPN, I know their analysts are complete morons. They know less than the average teenager about most teams. They’re on TV for entertainment purposes. If you base your betting decisions on what you hear on ESPN or other clueless media outlets, you’ll lose big.

6.Shop around for the best odds

Found a great line on one online sportsbook? Great! Now go check another site to see if the odds are even more favorable. It’s always best to look around before placing a bet so that you’re always getting the best odds. A half-point difference is more than you think.

7.Don’t get too emotionally involved in the games

When your team covers, don’t go out and get liquored up to celebrate. When your team loses, don’t kick your dog or throw a temper tantrum. You’re going to win some and you’re going to lose some. Getting too caught up in wins and losses will lead to making stupid bets.

8.Take advantage of online sportsbook promotions

There are some great promotions found on online sportsbooks. All of the sites we promote here offer deposit and re-load bonuses. You should research the bonus programs before joining a sportsbook. And don’t forget to enter any bonus code you can find. It’s free money that helps build your bankroll.

9.Watch as many games as possible

We’re all sports fans. The gambling aspect of sports betting isn’t the only thing that makes this lifestyle awesome. To gain an edge over the house, watch as many games as possible. A true sports bettor tells his wife he can’t take the kids to gymnastics practice because he’s busy watching the game. Just kidding.

10.Stay away from 8-team+ parlays

As enticing as winning thousands of dollars on one bet is, big parlays are sucker bets. These are bets for casual sports bettors. If you get beyond 5-6 games, the odds of actually winning are so slim that you’ll need a bankroll of about 500 units in order to cover long strings of losses before you actually win a game.


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