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4 Signs Your Sports Betting Strategies Aren’t Built to Last

August 15, 2014

Anyone can win a game or two betting on sports. In fact, anyone can go through a nice little stretch of big wins. Most games are coin flips against the spread. So you’re 50/50 to win a game if you pick them randomly. Therefore, just because you are hitting a hot stretch doesn’t mean you have game. It COULD mean you are just getting lucky. And if you’re relying on luck to be on your side, well…you’re not going to win in the long run. Not sure if you are winning because of skill or because of good fortune? Take a look…

You continually say, “it’s a lock”

We all say this from time to time. It’s part of our nature to think we have a “lock”. But the truth is there is no such thing as a lock. If there were such thing as a lock, the games wouldn’t even be played and bettors would just be handed their winnings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Games are never locks. Crazy things happen. If you insist you have a lock, you’re wrong.

You really don’t know much about sports

The best handicappers are those that are passionate about sports. They may not be passionate in the same way a regular fan is. What I mean by that is some handicappers do love watching sports, but only if they have money on the game. Whereas a regular sports fan can enjoy a ballgame even if a wager isn’t involved. Either way, if you don’t truly know a lot about sports and are just taking random guesses, your luck will eventually run out.

You’re losing the small bets and winning the big bets

If you bet $20 on a few games and lose, you probably won’t care if you won a $500 bet that same day. That’s all fine and dandy if that happens but this isn’t a good long-term plan. I always recommend keeping your bets fairly consistent. So if you wager $100 and one game, you should wager fairly close to that on other games. By betting bigger on one game, yes, you can afford to lose the small bets as long as you win the big bet. But you might reverse that luck the next week. Things have a funny way of evening out over time.

You really don’t know what the heck you’re doing

We’ve all seen it many times before in all forms of gambling. Someone picks a few lucky winners at random and thinks they really are lucky. So they keep betting and eventually lose everything. Be honest with yourself. Are you really a skilled sports bettor? Or are you just making random guesses and on a hot streak? Anyone can win a few games in the short run. But only those that are skilled – not lucky – profit in the long run.

If you have determined you’re just on a hot streak and aren’t actually skilled, don’t panic. Don’t give up and avoid betting on sports because you know your luck will eventually change for the worse. Instead, improve your game. We offer some great advice – for free – right here on our blog.