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11 Simple Tips that Will Help you Make More Money

Scott Morris | October 13, 2014

Can’t figure out why you are losing money at the sportsbooks or not making as much as you would like? Chances are there are some minor mistakes you are making that are causing major problems. Here are 11 simple tips to help you start making more money betting on sports:


Never bet too much at a time: Don’t blow your load on one game. Anything can happen. Bad luck can happen. One bad luck loss will kill your bankroll if you bet too big.


Bet with your head not your heart: If you are a casual bettor and want to throw down cash on your favorite team, that’s fine. Otherwise, most people should stay away from these games.


Don’t bet just to bet: A mistake many bettors make is to bet on a game simply because they feel like they have to bet. You never HAVE to bet. If there are no other games that day and you’re not confident in your pick, wait until the next day.


Don’t bet on tilt: Tilt is a term often used in the poker world. It also applies to sports betting because sports bettors get frustrated with bad runs. Shrug them off and move on. Don’t dwell on the tough losses.


Bet often against the general public: Sportsbooks make their money off the general public. The general public is clueless and buys into media hype. In many cases, the smart money is betting against the general public.


Don’t listen to mainstream media: ESPN and Fox Sports really don’t know as much as they lead on. Their analysts are clueless. If you base your wagers on Lee Corso’s College Gameday picks, you’re screwed.


Avoid paying for picks: Handicap your own games or hire someone that is skilled to assist you in making picks. Don’t trust pay-for-a-pick services. They usually aren’t as skilled as they claim. They end up costing you more money than they make you.


Take in as much advice from experts as possible: I recommend reading through our advice articles right here at A successful sports bettor is an educated sports bettor.


Keep your bets consistent: I know that sometimes you think you have a lock. I promise you there is no such thing. Flukes happen. It’s best to keep the bet amounts consistent so you aren’t relying too heavily on any individual games.


Use multiple online sportsbooks: You can check out our list of recommended sportsbooks. I suggest using 2-3 of them. The reason for that is because each online sportsbook gives out match bonus money on deposits, but only up to a certain maximum. This gives you an opportunity to maximize your bonuses and receive more free money.


Pay attention to the lines moving: You don’t have to place your bet right away if you don’t like the line. The line will fluctuate as the week goes on with football games based on how the general public is betting. You just might find more favorable odds later in the week. Be patient and pay close attention to the betting lines.

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