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Will Smith & Hillary Clinton Same Odds to Win 2020

January 31, 2018

The betting odds on who will be elected President of the United States are published and available from multiple sportsbooks. Other than the strong possibility that Donald Trump may run again, there are no other clear-cut candidates. The list has a mix of entertainers and politicians. The entertainer influence is as high as it has […]

Sportsbook SB 52 Bonuses

January 31, 2018

For Super Bowl 53 Bonus (Feb. 2019) Click Here. Offers below are for last year. The Super Bowl is largest single wagered sporting event in North America. Everyone either thinks they know who will win or they have a team they want to win. Super Bowl parties are everywhere. Some watch it for the commercials […]

Super Bowl Betting Report

January 30, 2018

The action on Super Bowl 52 is very mixed at this point. With just five days to go until kickoff the betting has swung in all directions. When the game first went on the board the betting was 2/3 on the Philadelphia Eagles. That has been steadily and slowly pulling the line down from 6 […]

Super Bowl 52 MVP Odds

January 30, 2018

The Super Bowl is almost here and the odds for whom may receive the MVP award are published and the public is placing its bets, takings its shots. The favorite should come as no surprise. Tom Brady is the heavy favorite to win the award. The odds on favorite is a 4 time Super Bowl […]

Verizon Considers Entering the Sports Betting Business

January 29, 2018

People have known Verizon for years as a provider or telecom services and cable TV. But the company is hungry for expansion and is poised to enter other areas of the entertainment arena. Last year they bought Yahoo, in part, for its fantasy sports business. This is a kind of a backdoor into sports gambling as […]

Free Pick: Villanova at Marquette

January 27, 2018

Sunday January 27, 2018 The Villanova Wildcats are in Milwaukee Wisconsin to take on the Marquette Golden Eagles. Villanova is ranked #1 in the country and Marquette is not ranked. Villanova is 19-1 SU, 6-1 in conference play and 13-6-1 against the public betting spread. Marquette is 13-7 SU, 4-4 in conference and 9-10 ATS. […]

NCAA Basketball Free Pick: Kentucky at West Virginia

January 27, 2018

Tonight at 7:00 PM EST The Kentucky Wildcats head to West by God Virginia today to do battle on the court with the Mountaineers. The spread has #7 West Virginia favored by 10.5 points at home. West Va is 16-4 straight up. But unranked Kentucky is no slouch either. They are 15-5. True they are […]

Modern Sports Bettor Demographic

January 26, 2018

Right away when you think of the sports bettor, you may conjure up an image of a couple of guys in their 20’s sitting at a table drinking beer, watching the game and there being a plate of spent buffalo wings on the table pushed away from them. Well, some people say that stereotypes exist […]

NBA Announces Sports Betting Conditions

January 25, 2018

Albany NY – The NBA has officially asked that wagers be allowed to be made on their sport via the internet if sports betting is ultimately approved. Dan Spillane, the NBA’s senior vice president said that the league”supports a comprehensive sports betting bill.” He went on to say that the NBA has some caveats that […]

Sports Betting Language

January 24, 2018

If you have been a sports bettor or in the sports betting industry for any length of time then you know the slang terminology that is associate with the activity. Sometimes, it becomes so second nature of a language that you don’t realize when you are talking to newbies that you are losing them in […]