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Leaving Final Leg of a Parlay Open

February 10, 2018

In sports betting you may like to play parlays. They are fun to string together and can really pay off exponentially. (Recommended article Understanding Parlays – the basics).

One disadvantage that I have found to playing parlays at some locations is that you have to parlay options that are on the board only. So, if you are in the mood for a three team parlay, but only see two games you like on the board, you will have to either make it a two teamer or put in a pick you don’t like so much.

Open Leg Parlays

One trick you can use at some online sportsbooks (and even sometimes your local will let you do this) is to choose a three team parlay, fill in two of the teams and leave the third leg open. This means you can fill in the third leg later. If one of your first teams lose, you don’t have to bother and you can throw away your ticket.

Betting open leg parlays takes patience and attention to detail. Some people who are not as mindful will place the bet and forget about the remaining leg.

One advantage to a parlay with an open leg is if you are setup to win a big payout on the parlay (by winning the first legs), the open leg gives you plenty of time to fine tune your strategy. You can put one side of a game in the last leg and then place a separate single bet on the other side. This is called hedging and can result in a guaranteed payout.

So, if this sound like something you would like to try ask your local, or contact your sportsbook’s customer service to find if they offer these types of bets.