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Early Season Winning Angles

September 11, 2018
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Today, let’s look at some fundamentals that may seem basic, but often are overlooked.

I. Getting Caught Up with Personal Winning and Losing Streaks:
Big losers sometimes get lucky, and those who’ve been successful, will have days that they would rather forget.

a) When things are going well:
I’ve met many gamblers who’ve gotten lucky on occasion, convincing themselves that they’ve now become the next Steve Jobs of the pari-mutuel industry. Then they get on public transportation to go home.

b) When things aren’t going well:
When we’re not winning, we can lose confidence and perspective.

Tips to start a new winning streak:
a) Don’t let a few losses change your wagering philosophy.
b) Shut it down for a day or two. Your life won’t change if you don’t wager for a few hours.
c) Envision your bankroll. It didn’t get this large because you were incompetent.II. Don’t be a fan.

Admit it or not, we usually overvalue our geographical allegiances.

When I first starting writing, one of my mentors was a sports journalism professor and editor for a major newspaper.

He told me that;
“To be objective you need to be less of an enthusiast for your hometown team.” I didn’t think this was possible. I had been a fan for 40 years. But…. in the long run it turns out to be prophetic advice.

Contributed by John Rothschild (Recent articles at SI, ESPN, Bloomberg News, New York Sports Scene)

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