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Break Even Point for Sports Betting

May 6, 2019
baseball money line odds

The question of what is the break even point for sports betting appears from time to time. Although there are many variables that would change the final answer, there is a widely accepted answer based on the standard -110 odds in which point spread betting in associated.

The answer is you must win 52.38% of your bets to break even at those standard odds. It sounds easy but many sports bettors have a hard time achieving this percentage.

There are other percentages associated with different moneyline odds.

Here are the break even points for various moneylines in sports betting:

Odds% Odds%

It is important to remember that baseball betting is mainly done using moneylines. In this sport and this type of bet you can lose more games than you win and still make a profit. This is why some sports bettors love betting baseball.

Betting the underdog in baseball should be regular occurrence if you are serious about betting baseball.