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  • how to bet home runs in the MLB

    How to Find Success Betting Home Run Props

    It’s a sweat every night you bet a home run prop, but all it takes is one swing of the bat to cash on a wager that is typically priced between +300 and +1000. You’ll see shorter odds at times on g...
  • Shota Imanaga

    How to Maximize MLB First Five Innings Bets

    One of the best methods to uncover value in baseball betting is wagering on the First Five innings.  It’s the equivalent of betting on the NFL’s or NBA’s first half. Bettors can more accurately...
  • How to bet on a scoreless first inning baseball betting strategy

    How to Bet NRFIs Successfully

    If you are not familiar with the NRFI, by the time you are done with this article, you will be. The NRFI bet – No Runs First Inning – is one of the most popular MLB wagers right now. Betto...
  • Best Pitchers to Back Early in MLB Season

    After one series, we’ve got an eye on some of MLB’s best pitchers to back early in 2024. History shows us one big name that MLB bettors should probably stay away from. It’s often difficult to be...
  • baseball betting system

    The 200 MLB Betting Method

    Baseball is a long and arduous season for sports bettors. With just under 5000 regular season games, it can be a challenge to pick and choose winners and not lose your bankroll in the meantime. There ...
  • MLB futures value

    Early Value on MLB Futures

    And just like that, we’re off! The 2023 MLB season got off to a grand start with Opening Day on Thursday, March 30. It won’t be long before the NBA and NHL sign off for the summer and baseball con...
  • Mattress Mack at it again

    Here is How Much Mattress Mack Bet on the Astros to Win it All

    On Tuesday night, Jim McIngvale, better known as “Mattress Mack,” was feeling a bit dejected. His Houston Astros had just lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 3 of the 2022 MLB World Series. ...
  • betting baseball on the rune line

    Betting MLB Alternate Lines

    Bettors that have found their niche in betting on baseball can find a niche within a niche by betting on MLB alternate lines. An alternate line in MLB typically refers to the run line. Remember, the r...
  • baseball stats every bettor should know

    MLB Stats Every Bettor Should Know

    Betting on baseball is fun and exciting and bettors have a plethora of opportunities as MLB will play a total of 2,430 games this season. Unlike football and basketball, baseball is more of a moneylin...
  • Betting Totals in Game MLB - Betting Strategy

    Betting MLB Team Totals

    Betting on baseball is almost a niche in itself. Bettors that experience more success betting spreads in football and basketball may shy away from baseball, which is more of a moneyline sport. Most ML...

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