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2020 President Odds

June 22, 2019
Biden presidential odds

Don’t looks now but Joe Biden is gaining ground on President Donald Trump in the betting odds. Both candidates kicked off their race for the 2020 bid this month and apparently Biden has been impressive enough to come all the way up to +300 from the +800 he was just two months ago.

Bernie Sanders, who was once tied for the second highest odds at +800, has dropped all the way to +1800. Apparently the betting public is just not seeing much from Bernie.

Elizabeth Warren is in third place to win, as far as highest odds go, at +600. The one time Native American had launched her campaign last month and is currently raising funds using a raffle system. People who donate can win a trip to visit Warren and have dinner with her and her husband.

You can see the full list of Presidential candidates and their odds below. Most any online sportsbook will offer these odds to bet.

Donald Trump+100
Joe Biden+400
Elizabeth Warren+600
Pete Buttigieg+900
Andrew Yang+1600
Bernie Sanders+1800
Kamala Harris+1800
Beto ORourke+4000
Cory Booker+8000
Amy Klobuchar+10000
John Delaney+10000
Julian Castro+10000
Kirsten Gillibrand+10000
Mike Pence+10000
Tulsi Gabbard+10000
Bill de Blasio+15000
Eric Swalwell+20000
Jay Inslee+20000
John Hickenlooper+20000
Seth Moulton+50000