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Public Betting Percentages Week 1 NFL for 2019

August 28, 2019
nfl bet percentages week 1

Many sports bettors and professional handicappers like to pay attention to where the money is going on games. Some look at this numbers just as a curiosity while their use them to actually help mold their picks.

Referring to the latter, the theory of using public betting statistics to mold your actual bets is called ATP (Against the Public) betting. It has been around for many decades. When I worked at a sports bar many decades ago, there was a guy that would come in well before the game and quietly ask each bar fly who they liked in that night’s game (against the spread). If there was a clear cut favorite among the patrons, he would go outside, call his bookie and bet the opposite. More times than not he won the bet.  Of course, it is not foolproof science.

Whatever your motivation for seeing how the public is betting, we are sharing the public betting % for NFL Week 1 in 2019. The stats below are provided by BetOnline

2019 NFL Week 1 Bet Percentages

DateTime (ET)Away TeamAway Team % of BetsHome TeamHome Team % of Bets
Thu Sep 58:20 pmPackers +360%Bears -340%
Sun Sep 81:00 pmFalcons +4.576%24%
1:00 pmRedskins +846%Eagles -854%
1:00 pmBills +3.561%Jets -3.539%
1:00 pmRavens -4.571%Dolphins +4.529%
4:25 pm49ers +183%Buccaneers -117%
1:00 pmChiefs -3.584%Jaguars +3.516%
1:00 pmTitans +5.544%Browns -5.556%
1:00 pmRams -371%Panthers +329%
4:25 pmLions -2.573%Cardinals +2.527%
4:05 pmBengals +9.574%Seahawks -9.526%
4:25 pmGiants +769%Cowboys -771%
4:05 pmColts-Off-Chargers-Off-
8:20 pmSteelers +658%Patriots -642%
Mon Sep 97:10 pmTexans +779%Saints -721%
10:20 pmBroncos +260%Raiders -240%