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  • Big upsets this weekend in college basketball

    Top 10 College Basketball Teams & Betting Public Both Get Hammered

    Saturday, February 26, 2022, is a day that will long be remembered in college basketball history. The top six teams in the AP Top 25 poll all lost. It’s the first time that has ever happened in the ...
  • Will Georgia Finally Beat Alabama in the 2022 Championship Game?

    Can Georgia Finally Beat Alabama?

    The Georgia Bulldogs haven’t won a national championship since 1980. They played for one in 2017 against this very same Alabama program. The Bulldogs lost 26-23 in overtime. Georgia is 0-for-7 again...
  • Elite 8 public betting trends

    Elite 8 Public Betting Report

    In this brief article we will display what the public is betting in regards to the Elite 8 games which start just hours from now. There are two games slated for tonight and two for tomorrow. There wil...
  • NCAA basketball championship odds - sweet 16 round

    NCAA Championship Odds & Public Action Report – Sweet 16

    The remaining 16 teams in the tournament will begin to do battle again on Saturday. Unfortunately they’ve been cooped up in a hotel for a week waiting for these games. The NCAA and their TV adve...
  • public betting report for NFL week 15 in 2020

    NFL Public Betting Trends for Week 15

    This article shows the sports betting trends for both tickets and total cash for week 15 of the 2020 season in the NFL. This information is useful for people betting games and wanting to know how the ...
  • week 14 college betting report

    College Football Week 14 Lopsided Bet Report

    Each week we report to you the games which are beat heavily lopsided at a major sportsbook. Any game over 67% on both ticket and cash are recorded in our report. Usually you have between 4 and 8 such ...
  • coastal car public bet

    College Football Sportsbook Lopsided Action Report for Week 12

    The college football week 12 got underway last night in dramatic fashion as Tulsa intercepted a pass from the Tulane QB to win and cover the spread in OT. With a start like that you know this weekend ...
  • World Series 2020

    Public Betting Report Game One of World Series

    In three hours time the Tampa Bay Rays and their $23M payroll will take on the second most spendy team in the league, LA Dodgers ($77M). Odds are favoring the Dodgers at about 2/1 in this series. Game...
  • public betting report ncaa football championship

    College Football Championship Betting Action Report

    The college football championship lines have been up for well over a week now. There are another 6 days before the game kicks off. It is true that a huge lump of action comes in on the day of the actu...
  • sportsbook wagering report

    Line Moves and Smart Money Report

    Apparently the sportsbooks did very well last night on the Cowboys loss. Dallas lost 24-31 to the Bears despite both public and smart money riding on them. YouWager‘s sportsbook manager said ...

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