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Six Instant Angles that can Substantially Increase Your Winning Percentages

August 29, 2019
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Guest article. This week’s guest handicapper: John Rothschild

I. The 20-point rebound:
Teams will rarely play as well or as poorly as they did in their prior games.
What to look for:
1) A matchup of one team that has just lost by 10 points ATS or more against one that has just won by double digits ATS.
2) The underdog will convert frequently enough in one of these contests to increase your yearly winning percentage. The larger the spread or point disparity, the greater the betting opportunity.

II. The favorite rebound:
This converts often enough that the play is on a prior favorite who was blown out in their last game and is now an underdog. A word of caution. Unless a team is playoff-bound, this angle is not as strong at the end of the season, when some teams are getting ready for the golf course. 

III. 3 weeks of embellished production:
Any team that has accumulated total yardage or point totals in two successive weeks that are 30% higher than that team’s average will almost always have a letdown ATS in their third week.

IV. Streaks:
This is one for those who want to keep it really simple, without much homework. You’ll make money in the long run betting against teams that have won three in a row, and for those who have lost three in a row.

V. The double home underdog:
Here’s another with little homework needed.
Find a team playing its’ second game in succession at home that:
a) Lost its previous game, whether an underdog or not; and
b) Is an underdog this week.

VI. Instant angle for a 2nd half wager:
This one involves some quick research towards the end of the 2nd quarter or at half-time.
It should only be used for the NFL. It doesn’t happen that often, but is absolutely worth a play when it occurs.

When a double-digit favorite covers in the first half, take the Under in the second half.   

I’d like the opportunity to do the homework for you. 

John Rothschild - sports handicapperJohn Rothschild

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