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How to Cancel Your Bet at a Sportsbook

November 10, 2020

There will come a time in your sports betting career where you may second guess a bet that you placed. Maybe you placed that bet on an impulse, had too many margaritas, whatever the case. Now you want it erased. Can you do anything about it? Anyone who has ever tried to contact a sportsbook […]

When to Take a Break from Sports Betting

October 26, 2020

Placing a wager on a sporting event can suddenly turn the two teams on your TV that you dont care about into an exciting match up. This effect alone is responsible for why an overwhelming majority of sports bettors wager recreationally. Betting money that you can afford to lose on a game to “spice it […]

The Two Dumbest Wagers We’ve Ever Seen

August 28, 2020

You can’t make this stuff up. (Contributed by John Rothschild. Thoroughbred Race Horse Syndicator) The Egocentrically Driven Money Line Wager: Six years ago I was in Las Vegas sitting next to an innocuous looking middle-aged man who was wagering on horses, without using the racing form. He took the favorite three times in succession. He […]

Six Instant Angles that can Substantially Increase Your Winning Percentages

August 29, 2019

Guest article. This week’s guest handicapper: John Rothschild I. The 20-point rebound: Teams will rarely play as well or as poorly as they did in their prior games. What to look for: 1) A matchup of one team that has just lost by 10 points ATS or more against one that has just won by […]

Taking Advantage of Early Lines

August 12, 2019

Those who set the opening lines try to create numbers close to the public consensus, but they do make mistakes. Jump on these. Lines come out eight to nine days prior to games, but much earlier before the start of the season. On average, I find approximately one to three mistakes per week. This number […]

What is Up with Bitcoin?

June 16, 2018

Many bitcoin users and speculators alike have been puzzled by the recent decline of the bitcoin market. After last year’s meteoric rise to over $20,000 per coin, many speculators and analysts were predicting $40K, $50K, or even $80K price targets by the end of 2018. It is all too clear for bitcoin owners that it […]

Why You’re Struggling to Make Money this Football Season

November 13, 2014

Did you get caught up in “favorites cover like crazy” hype before the NFL season started? After last year’s ridiculous run of covers by the favorites, some sports bettors have lost a ton of money betting heavy on favorites this season. Unfortunately, last year’s outcomes have nothing to do with 2014. If you are struggling […]

5 Possible Holes in Your Sports Betting Game

July 8, 2014

Struggling to make money at the sportsbook? That’s never a fun situation. But I do have some good news for you. You don’t have to give up. Instead, let me see if I can help you improve your game. Chances are you are making one of these 5 common mistakes:   Making uneducated guesses Most […]

Answering Your Common Sports Betting Questions

June 8, 2014

I get a bunch of questions from sports bettors, looking for tips and advice, so I thought, “hey, what a great idea it would be to create an FAQ post”. So here are some answers to the most common questions I receive. I hope this answers some of your questions:   What are the best […]

Sports Betting Advice for Beginners

June 2, 2014

Sports betting is a lot of fun when you’re winning. Not so much fun when you’re losing. Not only do most experienced sports bettors lose in the long run, beginners are at an even bigger disadvantage. So here’s what I’m going to do for you since I’m such a nice guy. I’m going to give […]