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2020 MLB Championship Futures Odds

November 1, 2019
2020 world series odds

The Washington Nationals pulled off an amazing upset over the heavily favored Houston Astros. The Nationals weren’t exactly a long shot at the start of the MLB season but they weren’t near the top of the favorites list either.

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The Nationals were ninth from the top and had odds of +1600 (16/1). There were a report of a handful of people cashing big futures tickets with those exact payout odds.

Sportsbooks made out well on the World Series. Their top three exposures did not hit. The Nationals were their fourth highest exposure.

List of sportsbook World Series Exposure 2019

The exposure list was compiled before the saga of “Mattress Mack”. This is the story of 68 year old Houston area businessman Jim McIngvale. He owns a large furniture and bedding business in Houston and promised to give store credit and refunds if the Astros win the series. His liabilities were said to be over $20 million on the promotion. So Mattress Mack hedged his liability by wagering over $11 million (to win $17m+) on the Houston Astros.

Sportsbooks in New Jersey and Mississippi took Jacks bets. He is on record as saying that Las Vegas wasn’t interested in his sizable bets. I bet now they wish they were.

Anyhoo, here are the 2020 World Series MLB Champion Odds

Houston Astros+500
Los Angeles Dodgers+800
New York Yankees+800
Washington Nationals+800
Boston Red Sox+1200
Milwaukee Brewers+1400
New York Mets+1400
Atlanta Braves+1600
Cleveland Indians+1600
Minnesota Twins+1600
Chicago Cubs+2000
Tampa Bay Rays+2000
Colorado Rockies+2500
Philadelphia Phillies+2500
St.Louis Cardinals+2500
Cincinnati Reds+3300
Los Angeles Angels+3300
Oakland Athletics+3300
San Francisco Giants+3300
San Diego Padres+4000
Arizona Diamondbacks+5000
Chicago White Sox+5000
Kansas City Royals+5000
Seattle Mariners+5000
Texas Rangers+5000
Miami Marlins+10000
Pittsburgh Pirates+10000
Toronto Blue Jays+10000
Detroit Tigers+15000
Baltimore Orioles+25000