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Alabama vs LSU Sportsbook Public Betting Report

November 8, 2019
whos betting what lsu alabama

There Alabama vs LSU game is garnering all types of attention. That goes for media and sports betting as well.

There is no bigger marquee game than this one. So it is in that vein that we look at the public betting numbers and consider an ATP (Against the Public) type play.

We like to go against the public when they are heavy on one side in a game that is very well publicized. This approach is quite well known and is used by many sports bettors.

We have isolated three sportsbooks that have reported lopsided action or tickets on this particular game.

Use this information when handicapping the game yourself.

Intertops – This report even comes with a nice little graphic. 64% of their bettors are on LSU. Not exactly the 2/3 (67%) ratio that we like to see. But its lopsided nonetheless.

spports betting report lsu vs alabama


BetOnline – This sportsbook is reporting 64% of the tickets and a full 71% of the cash on LSU.

public beting number from betonline


William Hill – The money is split at this shop but the tickets are 68% LSU.

lsu vs alabama public betting numbers