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Line Moves and Smart Money Report

Scott Morris | December 6, 2019
sportsbook wagering report

Apparently the sportsbooks did very well last night on the Cowboys loss. Dallas lost 24-31 to the Bears despite both public and smart money riding on them. YouWager‘s sportsbook manager said “Thursday nights upset was a big game for the house. Public and the wise guys were pounding the Cowboys.”

He went on to say that players known to the book as “sharp” bettors (because they win more than they lose) have been betting LSU since the game opened. Overall about 60% of the total money is on the Tigers.

The largest imbalance in betting on the championship games is on Ohio State. They are currently getting about 2 out of 3 bets placed on that game.


When commenting on the NFL, YouWager‘s sportsbook manager said: “NFL has been jumping this week with the Browns starting -10.5 and now sitting at -7. Atlanta moving up 2 points from the opener. Tenn also moving 2 points to -1 to -3.”

He also went on to add “Saints opened up -3 and now are down -2 as the money is coming on SF.  I think one of these teams wins the NFC. My pick would be the Saints to win the NFC.”

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