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Sportsbook Comments on XFL Action and Astros Hit by a Pitch Prop

February 18, 2020
comment from the bookie

We talked to YouWager sportsbook manager George this week about the goings-on of sports and sports betting for February. First, we wanted to know how action has been for the upstart league initiated by WWE’s Vince McMahon, the XFL. George replied “We have had an interesting push for the XFL. Players are surprisingly interested.” 

This is interesting because every other football venture besides the NFL saw low amounts of betting action and they all have failed in the meantime. XFL is actually generating decent TV ratings and betting numbers. It helps that sports betting has become much more mainstream this year. In fact, the XFL puts the point spreads on nthe screen right underneath the actual live score. They have even paired with betting companies.

MLB Prop

There is a sportsbook prop that has emerged from the situation in baseball, where the Houston Astros have been found to have cheated their way through the past three seasons. This includes their 2017 World Series title. They have gotten off virtually Scott free and players and fans are none-to-happy. Sportsbooks have issued a prop over-under of how many times Astros players will get plunked in the 2020 season. YouWager’s George said “We have put up some crazy props for Houston Astros being hit by pitch total is 80.5 I think it will go over.”

George went on to say “Other than it’s pretty slow everyone waiting for conference finals in NCAA and the madness to begin.”

March Madness begins for several conferences on March 3rd. To see full conference tourney schedule information click here